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Monday, November 17, 2008

NYC Metro 11.11.08

This audio was captured on a NY metro. We got on and soon after a group of kids boarded and started performing. Some people liked it, others just minded their own business. Still it was something I've never experienced before.


NYC Subway Info

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KiltedGreen said...

Really enjoyed this 'trip' and the variety of your recordings and their quality. I've loved binaural records since I first heard "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast" on Pink Floyd's 'Atom Heart Mother' at the tender age of 14 (many years ago now ...)

Thanks for the links to your equipment too - fascinating to see what's available.

Thanks for putting in the time.

Brighton, UK

Anonymous said...
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Black Napkin said...

This is just stunning!!! what an amazing recording...
very realistic sound capture... well done

I'm totally into these tracks, it's so cool to jump from one sound environment to another.. ;)

*just popped into the 'Lax' environment :)*