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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Las Vegas Casino 12.25.08

This audio was captured inside a Las Vegas Casino. I walked around the casino floor capturing the sounds of people feeding slot machines, placing bets, throwing dice and sometimes even celebrating a win.


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Awesome I can listen to this all day. :)

Deborah Armstrong said...

Please keep up this "sound-seeing tour" of places. I am blind, and I find no problems with your recordings. I love awesome binaural audio.
Two ideas for you: I always wished someone would do a virtual reality game using binaural sound alone. Learning to read traffic and safely cross streets, using only audio cues is an obvious choice. Think of the sounds when your player gets smashed by a big rig, or nearly misses that idiot who turned right on red. Such a game would be exciting for the blind and anyone else who always wanted to know what it's like to cross the street without sight. Also valuable training for those loosing their vision or children learning to use their ears better whether or not they can see.
Also, I've used some cheap binaural mics and a digital recorder to make audio CDS of the weird sounds my husband's truck was making when we repeatedly told the mechanic it had troubles, but it failed to make the sounds when it was in the shop. I invited the mechanic to slip on earphones and listen, and he immediately and correctly diagnosed a problem with the fan belt. Saved us much hassle money and repeated fruitless trips to the mechanic's garage!

KiltedGreen said...

Are you planning on any more posts - nearly a year since the last. I do really enjoy your posts and particularly the recordings.

sergiok said...

What a great recording!
I agree with Cecil. So beautiful.
I am going to collect soundscapes like that here in Brazil and I have some doubts about your equipment. Do you use the SP-TFB-2 microphones with standard 1/8" connector and standard sensitivity?
Do you recommend the battery module?

Thank you

Richard G. said...

More posts coming soon. I use the high sensitivity mics. No battery pack. Just plug the mic right in to the maudio recorder. Please send me some of your work when you get going. :)

Ollie Hall said...

The range of sounds in this recording is so rich - really enjoyable :-)