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Friday, December 18, 2009

New Posts Coming Soon

Sorry folks, have been super busy with work and life. :)
I have a lot of recordings that I need to put up.
Including a Sumo competition. Coming Soon!


Bollzy said...

Great news !

KiltedGreen said...

That's great - thank you.

Anonymous said...

great stuff!

Dave said...

I really like this idea, and the recordings sound great. I wonder if you might consider a head mounted camera, and recording video to match the audio. When you turn your head it is creating a cool effect, but without the visual cues, it starts to get confusing to listen to. Other recordings I've heard of this type use a stationary head, which translates better without visuals.

KiltedGreen said...

Please no visuals ... let your brain do it and just go with it.

richard said...

cant wait

Ben said...

Hey Richard,
I'm going to be doing a binaural recording for a major project and I would really love to correspond with you about a few details. If you can afford the time please just shoot an email to Flubly@gmail.com
If you don't have the time, please just answer this one question: What sensitivity did you order your microphones with? Standard or High?

Ben Withington

Richard G. said...

Thanks guys. :)
Got some great audio on the way.

Including a Sumo Wrestling championship.