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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Star Wars Music at Balboa Park

Almost a year ago, my fiance (who was my girlfriend at the time) and I went to visit her brother in San Diego. On the last day of our visit, she showed me this beautiful park called Balboa Park. It's like a San Diego version of Central Park. Among other amazing things, this park has one of the biggest outdoor pipe organs. As soon as I heard the rich tones of the music playing in the distance, I knew that I needed to start recording. I happen to be there on a special day when the performer decided to perform a Star Wars music. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.


Balboa Park Info

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Ollie Hall said...

This is fantastic!!!

What a stroke of luck to have happened upon this opportunity :-)

I've just got to the cantina music part - love it.

Black Napkin said...

..massive WOW!!!
that was incredible!!
..a really well captured bit of sound.. awesum! :)

a real pleasure to listen to..

*Ive got to have some more of this..*

please Richard G.. upload some more :)

Richard C
from the UK.

phissen said...

Can I connect this "Sound Professionals Low Noise In-Ear Binaural Microphones" (from your link in the sidebar) to a mobile phone (HTC Desire) and record? Or I must find something better? Tnx.

Richard G. said...

Thanks guys.


I think you will need something better. Most non professional recording devices tend to mess with the audio, trying to make the recording "better" when in fact these changes would completely destroy the 3d effect.

Jerry Greene said...

Thank you for posting this great performance. I just want to share another performance that I was turned on to by a friend that is a theatre organist. It is probably the most amazing solo performance of Star Wars done. The organ is the largest theatre organ in the world...has some special abilities and makes for a truly AMAZING instrument. You will not be disappointed: http://youtu.be/I2S72eajLzw