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Monday, September 26, 2011

Paris Metro 6.14.10

This is the first audio I captured during my honeymoon in Paris. I married my beautiful wife Bella on Jun 13th 2010. We went on a beautiful honeymoon in Europe. This audio was captured in a metro in Paris, France.


Paris Metro Info

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KiltedGreen said...

Thanks for that - great to have you back on the case.

Congratulations on having the joy of someone to share your life with. I've just done the same and I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat :)

Richard G. said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Btw, my wife explained to me what you meant by Cheshire cat ;)

dboy said...

thanks for the ride on the metro, i have never traveled outside of the US and this was very cool. binaural audio is such a rich medium that puts the listener "there." an analogy would be to say it's as close to being there as if I were "looking through your pair of eyes" but instead i'm listening through your ears "so to say." as i listened to the initial departure (eyes closed) i literally experienced the sensation of the metro's departure and direction of travel away from the station. i could tell which direction the metro was moving, plus the local dialog and ... well, it's all simply amazing. thanks for the experience.

Black Napkin said...

...pheeeew your back! I was going to send flowers!! :)
As before these are top quality recordings (possibly the most realistic binaural on the web!!) ..please please please upload some more sound, they are simply awesum!
Q: are you using the same recording equipment as before?
oh and congratulations on your marriage well done ;)