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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Austin Rain 5.23.09

In 2009 my good friend Mark had just moved to Austin Texas. After he settled in I came to Austin to visit him. As soon as I landed in Austin I realized that Mark was not exaggerating about how hot it was. It was 90 but felt like way over 100. One day it suddenly got cooler as the clouds rolled in. It got darker and it started raining. All I could hear was the much needed rain, birds and distant thunder. This was also the first time I saw fireflies. It was a really nice evening, and everyone welcomed the cooling rain. Now its 2011 and Austin is going through a major drought. My friend said that what is usually a really green city, is a shade of dry brown. Hope this rain comes back soon....


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M said...


great recordings!

Did you make any changes in your equipment since the beginning, or is it still microtrack ii with soundprofessionals SP-TFB-2 mics? Are your mics high or low sensitivity - they have two types available.

Do you have any experience with zoom h2?



Black Napkin said...

First class recording.. please upload more... thnx


Ivan Tadeu said...

I love this one :). I like to hear it while studying or relaxing ^^.

After you record the sounds, do you need to use software to take out the white noise? Or these mics are good enough to don't have any noise? I'm thinking about buying a similar equipment, to record the sounds of nature here in the country town I live, near a small forest here in Brazil.

Black Napkin said...

this is the coolest binaural recording I've come across!