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Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Fireworks 7.4.08

I can't believe its 4th of July again. This year I had the fortune of being invited to a boat party. The plan was to enjoy the gorgeous California day drinking, eating and having some interesting conversations with some really cool people. Then at dusk, it was time to move the party to firework central. So Dan put on the captains hat, started the engine and gracefully maneuvered the party through the marina. We made it to our spot just in time to see the first fireworks glide through the air to meet their blinding destiny in the dark sky. Thanks to Dan and Michelle for such a memorable day.


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gurupunk said...

hi richard - love the blog. I teach meditation and would love to find out more - do you have a second?


bad_sector said...

Hello Richard, and I fellow field recording blogger and wanted to express how impressed I am by your blog and the way in which you have executed it.

I shall endeavour to visit frequently and see what you've been recording!


Anonymous said...
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