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Friday, July 4, 2008

Puerto Vallarta Rain 6.28.08

It was 3am and I woke up to the sound of rumbling thunder. I forced myself out of bed with the intention of capturing this rare phenomenon. I was excited! I live in Los Angeles, where rain is rare and thunder is is its long lost cousin. The rain has subsided, but you can still hear the heavy drops trickling down to a surface of their choice. Between the rolling booms of thunder you can also hear thunder of a different kind. It seems that 3am is not an odd time to have an argument. At first I was upset that my relaxing recording was ruined by the sound of people arguing. But then I realized how funny this was. I decided not edit out the argument, and left it in its original form, profanity and all. I hope you enjoy its presence as much as I did. Oh yeah, sorry for all the scratching. The mosquitoes were relentless that night.


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BaL said...


I found your blog while stumbling and this is a real stumble now. So original :)

And this piece of audio is simply great... We have rains in autmn a lot here in Istanbul, but I still like the sound of raindrops.

Best wishes from Istanbul,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What are you using to record this stuff. Just amazing!

Sahaj kadhi said...

nice blog .. keep uploading! :)

beau said...

technically not raindrops, for the rain drippings overshadowed the actual rain. sorry but I despise the sound of water dripping