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Friday, July 4, 2008

Maintaining Riu Vallarta 6.29.08

This morning I woke up with the sun. I found myself walking to the beach, surrounded my an army of cleaning ladies wearing pale blue uniforms. They were out there, quietly doing their job, cleaning the mess that we made the day before. You can hear them mopping the sand encrusted floors, organizing the silverware, and vacuuming the lobby. With birds chirping from above, the pool boy patiently filters out the muck from the calm water. It's still early, the guests are resting up for yet another fun day in the sun. I hope they appreciate the hotel staff.


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MV720 said...

Hey Rich,

I recently found this blog and I love listening to your recordings. Thanks for posting 'em!

I only have one request: Is there any way for you to post a download link with each of the recordings? I would love to be able to untether myself from my laptop and take the ambience with me on the road, or even just to listen to them as I fall asleep (Puerto Vallarta rain seems perfect for this).

And even if you can't, thanks for posting these great binaural recordings!

Richard G. said...

You can now download! :)

Anonymous said...
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